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Animations by Dheeraj Bhatia for Brands in collaboration with Advertising Agencies and Studios. Most of them are stand-alone projects in terms of 2D animation and character design as well. 

All the Animated Commercials and Videos mentioned below are subject to copyright.

TVC for Absolut India

A short TVC based on an exclusively designed bottle for INDIA. Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia, Music: Abhinav Upadhyay

Teaser for Absolut India

Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia, Music: Abhinav Upadhyay

Absolut(Pernord Richard)

One of the Several Animated Videos for Online Promotion, specifically talking about the different flavors of Absolut.

Artwork and Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia


Character Design and 2D Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

KFC (Stop-motion)

Stopmotion Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

2D glow Animation for Muscle Blaze

2D Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

Happy Head Brewery

Short Animations for Newly Launched Happy Head Brewery in India. A total of six Short Videos for Online promotion 

Louis Philippe 

Kinetic Typography and Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

Louis Philippe

Kinetic Typography Audio Visual

Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

Red and White

2D animation for online and offline promotion.

Artwork and Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia

Labyrinth(Music Video)

Music: Common Thread

Art Direction and Animation: Dheeraj Bhatia