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Design your Superhero

and win a
HuionRTS 300 

Guidelines for participants:

  1. Draw and paint the character in your own designed superhero costume.

  2. The artwork has to be done on an A4 paper(not digital)

  3. The costume design should be original and participants can use any accessories to enhance the look of the character

  4. Background is not necessary 

  5. The character should be drawn in a full body pose(any pose), showcasing the full costume design.

  6. Any colour media can be used to colour the character.

  7. Face of the character should resemble the same face given as reference.

  8. Click here to download the character sheet for face and overall build reference.


Unleash your creativity


  1. Submission deadline is 30th November 2022

  2. Submission of the artwork should be in the form of a high quality .png or .jpeg image of the artwork

  3. Entries should be mailed to the email id

  4. Participants are required to post their entries on Instagram tagging clay_brush Instagram account with a short brief about the costume design in the description. This way we'll able to share your entries on our Instagram stories for a better reach and hence participation

  5. Results will be out on 1st Dec. 2022 during a Youtube livestream

  6. A collage of selected designs will be showcased during the intro of the original Anime Part-2(soon to be released on YouTube)

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Originality of the costume design and pose of the character

  2. Overall impact and presentation of the artwork

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